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Kitsune House


Located in the center of town, Kitsune house offers a strategic location coupled with a spacious and modern design. The combination of concrete and wooden accents perfectly blends together and presents a distinctive style that stands out among the neighbouring houses.

With a total floor area of 338 sqm spreading across 3 floors, Kitsune house is an excellent place for large families and friends to enjoy. Having 3 spacious bedrooms with ensuite baths and a bunk room that can sleep 4, Kitsune house can easily accommodate a total of 10 guests with the option to sleep an additional 2 children on a roll out bed.

The availability of a garage, a ski dry area, a separate media room, and a study room expresses the sheer luxury and comfort that Kitsune House provides. The inclusion of a balcony on both the 2nd and 3rd floors offer breathing space for the guests to enjoy the view of the snow-capped village below

Kitsune House
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