New Japan Journals

Japan Journals is a snowboarding web series based out of the fluffy depths of Japan’s snow covered wilderness.

In Episode 3 the guys venture up to Asahidake for some of the deepest snow they’ve seen. With its avalanche barriers and pillows galore the crew get a taste of what riding in Japan is all about. This is the third of the 4 Japan Journals web episodes.

And, for those who missed it, here is the 2nd episode. In Episode 2 the crew enjoy some of Niseko’s amazing powder after dark before making their way to Goshiki to check out the terrain with its deep snow and a hidden jump location.

Stay posted to see what drags the world’s best snowboarders to this incredible part of the world. Episode 4 coming soon!

Moving Mountains in Japan

“Japan was one of the most amazing ski trips I’ve been on, perhaps the best … We arrived to find scratchy conditions, but the next morning we awoke to about a foot of new snow and it didn’t stop for four days.”

This is a fantastic film featuring Jen Hudak and Julian Carr.

“The trip definitely was magical, and Japan has a special place in my heart,”

Read the full story and check out the awesome photos on the ESPN website.






This week watch Jake Blauvelt and Heikki Sorsa keep it natural as they hit the Hokkaido backcountry around Asahidake, hiking to find the sweetest lines and ride bottomless fresh.

“Japan has been all that I could ask for”

“The snow is unbelievable, super good”

“Everything over here is pretty amazing”