What A Nighter!

When it dumps 30+ centimeters in 3 hours as it did on the afternoon of the 25 February it is time to down tools, get up on the mountain and enjoy the deep stuff. That’s exactly what Glen from 360niseko did.

It is incredible to be able to snowboard and ski at full speed under the lifts at night and experience bottomless turns. Check out the epic footage now!

Are you in Niseko at the moment or have you already been? How are you enjoying the awesome snow conditions this season?

Day and Night Niseko

One morning and one night. The same day. When Niseko turns it on she gives you fresh powder morning, afternoon and evening – 12 hours of FUN!

Are you in Niseko at the moment? How are you enjoying the awesome snowfalls we’ve been getting recently?

Footage filmed on 17th January at Niseko Village and Grand Hirafu resorts.

Niseko Week One

Another fantastic start to a season in Niseko with a reported snow base of 175cm having accumulated on the mountain by December 1st, 2012.
With Niseko Hirafu opening as scheduled on 23rd November, here are a few highlights from the first week of the 2012/13 winter season. See you when you get here!

Are you in Niseko at the moment? How are you enjoying the early season snow?

Flying down the Super Course, 28 Nov 2012. Photo courtesy of 360niseko

Shouya getting fresh Hirafu turns, 28 Nov 2012. Photo courtesy of 360niseko

Dr. Ned cruising down Panorama, 25 Nov 2012. Photo courtesy of 360niseko

Big thanks to 360niseko and Glen Claydon Photography

Footage filmed on 28th November at Grand Hirafu and 1st December at Niseko Annupuri resorts.

Point and Shoot: Japan 2012

Point and Shoot: Japan 2012 is a mash up of footage from Nimbus Independent that didn’t make the final cut while editing for their epic En Route Hokkaido film. Too many good ski shots and hilarious moments to let go to waste. Enjoy.



All You Can Eat Niseko

A few Hokkaido highlights from winter 2011/12 in Japan to help ease powder withdrawals as we look forward to the 2012/13 season.

Did you ski or snowboard in Japan last season? What were your highlights? Tell us about your experiences.

Footage filmed in Niseko & Rusutsu between December 2011 – March 2012.

Unicorn Sashimi

Hands down one of the best short ski & snowboard videos I’ve seen for a long time. Set in and around Niseko, you almost expect the snow conditions to be that good but the cinematography on show is breathtaking. If it reminds you of the award-winning Signatures, that could be because the makers, Felt Soul Media, teamed up with Sweetgrass Productions to get this footage. Press play and start the weekend with a smile on your face.

Have you ever had it this deep in Niseko? Share your experiences below or send us your own video as proof! If not Niseko, where and when was your best Japan powder experience?

Niseko Winter Vs. Niseko Summer

There can be no doubt that Niseko gets more snow than most places on the planet. But while 15 – 20 metres of snowfall is a huge amount over the course of a season, it can be difficult to visualise. These images from our friends at 360niseko go a long way towards helping you get the full picture!

For further evidence of the amazing snowfall we receive in Niseko each season and to play with the original slider image, take a look at the 360niseko Before and After the Snow blog post. Highly recommended.