“Stupid Amounts of Almost Daily Pow”

“Why is it that a country that features in almost every snowboard movie ever made and has twice hosted the winter Olympics, still gets greeted with “I didn’t know you could snowboard in Japan” whenever you mention it to non-riders? In fact, over 70 per cent of Japan’s land is mountains, so while it’s slightly smaller than the state of California, it has over 500 ski resorts. And yes, everything you’ve heard about the Land of the Rising Sun’s endless storms and incredible pow stashes is true. The country takes facefulls of the cold air streams coming down from Siberia, which pick up moisture on their way over the Sea of Japan, so when they hit the mountains they bust their almighty load in a big way. The average resort has never seen a snow cannon in its life – instead (poor things) they have to make the best of 10 metres or more of the driest natural powder in the world … if it is stupid amounts of almost-daily pow you want, then get there in January and February.”

Taken from the introduction to the Japan section of the new Whitelines Snowboard Resort Guide.

There are travel books that contain less detailed information than this guide – and it’s all right up to date. Plus the whole thing is filled with the kind of photos you’d expect from Whitelines – shot on location by the world’s best snowboard photographers. Head down to WH Smiths and grab yourself a copy now!